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Tubular batteries are a type of lead-acid battery, commonly used in solar energy systems. They are designed to be more efficient and durable than other types of lead-acid batteries, making them a popular choice for renewable energy applications. Tubular batteries are made up of a series of cells, each of which contains a positive and negative plate. The cells are filled with an electrolyte solution, and the plates are connected to a central terminal. This allows for a higher capacity and longer life than other types of lead-acid batteries. Tubular batteries are also designed to be more resistant to temperature changes and vibration, making them a great choice for off-grid renewable energy systems.

Here are some useful tips that will increase the lifespan of your tubular batteries:

  • Refill your tubular battery with novel solar Distilled Water to ensure good life span, better functionality, and efficiency.
  • Do not refill the battery with distilled water during usage. Please note; your battery should not be spilling water, if it does kindly call novel solar customer care for assistance
  • Keep the top and side of your battery clean to prevent clogging of vent holes which can be done by simply cleaning the surfaces with soft, clean and dry cloth.
  • During maintenance, do not overfill the battery holes. The water should not rise above the water marker about two inches deep from cover top. The electrolyte gauge should not pass the top green mark
  • Ensure the battery terminals are properly greased
  • Make sure your tubular battery is placed on a rack or wood to ensure balance, and avoid damage.
  • If there is any need to put on your generator, ensure that it’s far away from your battery, as heat emitted from generators has an adverse effects on your battery
  • Do not take your tubular battery to battery chargers; they will further worsen the condition of your battery. Simply call novel solar service center to have your battery properly checked and fixed.
  • Do not wait for the electrolyte gauge to fall to the red bottom mark. Call Novel solar Customer Care as soon as the gauge reaches the middle point between the red and green marker.

CAUTION: Do not overload your battery! It can cause it to misbehave and shorten its life span!

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