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Pylontech’s Lithium battery US2000

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* Pylontech’s lithium battery US2000 is the latest technology frontier for photovoltaic storage applications.
• The simplicity and modularity of the US2000 with 2.4kWh 48V capacity makes it suitable for small and large accumulation systems and expandable according to current and future energy needs.
• Life cycle longer than 6,000 cycles, equivalent to about 11 years of work, with end-capability of 80%;
• The molecular structure of LFP batteries is more stable and thus safer, allowing a 600 ° C increase in combustion temperature compared to 300 ° C for NMC and LCO;
• They are easy to expand to get large size storage;
• Increased discharge depth (90% DOD);
• Compact and modular design that allows easy installation / upgrading;
• Possibility to operate in different temperature conditions;
• Advanced BMS that allows you to report real-time alarms

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