Qasa 18 Inches AC/DC Solar Rechargeable Fan with solar panel


This rechargeable fan comes in 18 inch blade, remote control and effective air cooling features that refreshes your body and give you a conducive environment.‎ It has a tilting head that you can adjust to suit your every need and could also adjust the speed level to your preference.‎ Its versatile size makes it adaptable for you to have at home and the office when there is interruption of power.‎ This rechargeable fan is efficient and comes with enough capacity power to offer you a cool conducive environment during hot weather;‎ all you have to do is make sure it is charged. Another fantastic feature of this wonderful fan  is the solar charged ability i.e you can charged using the sun in case of long absence of electricity supply. It comes with solar panel as freebies to satisfy you anytime.

45,000.00 48,000.00

18 inches fan blades 15watts / 12V Solar Panel Adaptor LED lights 4 speed 2 inbuilt replaceable rechargeable batteries.

1. 18 inches fan blade

2. 15watts / 12V Solar Panel

3. AC Charger Adaptor

4. LED lights

5. Can last close to 24hrs on low speed

6. 4 speed

7. 2 inbuilt replaceable rechargeable batteries

8. USB port for phone charging


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