5W mono solar panel

Pmax: 5W

Vm: 17.4V

Im: 0.29A

4,000.00 6,000.00

Solar panels are designed for long life of up to 25 years with high efficiency output. They may be wired in series or parallel arrays depending on the requirement of the application to which it is used for.

The 5W solar panel Module is widely applied to DC LED lights, battery, camping, picnic, educational/technical projects and other uses.

It is with good resistance to climate, preventing wind, hail. It can effectively resist
corrosion of moisture and salt fog, and can produce high efficient power and energy.

Your mobile device and other compatible small home gadgets will no longer depend on generators and ‘NEPA’ to be recharged. Expose panel anywhere sun can reach to recharge your gadgets, just like that


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