solar panel application:

  •  Living house and home building
  •  Office building, factory, and warehouse
  •  shopping mall, venue, stadium etc


1. The modules use high-quality monocrystalline solar cells;

Enclosed by high-rigidity tempered glass, with excellent light transmittance and output performance;

2. Surface treated with the reflection-reducing process, increasing the light absorption.

Back sealed with anti-aging EVA, resistant to moisture and corrosion.

3. The efficiency of our monocrystalline solar cell is over 85%, We stipulate, the allowance of each panel’s rated power has to be positive. Each panel is strictly tested before leaving the factory.

4. Our solar panel is designed with a lifetime of 25 years, and guaranteed that the power decline less than 5% within 10 years, and 10% within 20 years



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