2200 Va Uninterrupted Power Supply

Novel – Solar UPS is an advanced line interactive uninterruptible power system that is designed to protect your equipment like computers and telecommunication systems from blackout when power goes off. Under normal power condition, the UPS filters out all small fluctuations. During electrical power failure, the unit immediately switches to its internal battery for continued power feed to the equipment it is linked to, thus allowing the system to be shut down correctly which, for example on a computer would prevent files corruption or hard disc failure usually caused by improper shutdown.


Input Voltage 145V-275Vac ±5V
Frequency 50Hz
output Frequency 50Hz 80Hz
Voltage 220Vac ±10%
Transfer time <10ms including direction time
waveform Sine wave under municipal supply, square wave under battery operation
Protection load input Fuse for overload & short circuit protection
Short circuit UPS output cut off immediately



Backup time 15-30 minutes depend on the load
Type Sealed, maintenance-free lead acid
Protection Auto-inspection, discharge protection and battery fault caution
Battery Normally battery is charge once three months, it isn’t less than 6 hours once a time



Audible alarm


Battery supply power

Sufficient battery capacity, buzzer rings every 6 seconds red light flash
Insufficient battery capacity, buzzer rings every 1 second, red light flashing
Battery low

Voltage or overload/short circuit



Buzzer keep rings, red light on

Physical Weight (kg) 15.2

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